Department of History

The mission of the History Program is to build historical knowledge, to develop the methods of historians, to understand the historical record, and to create historical arguments and narratives, thereby influencing students to gain a greater understanding of their own place in history, as well as the significance of the Benedictine order, to appreciate the past of the Catholic faith tradition, to act as informed observers in the world, and to develop critical habits of mind and skills that will serve them in a professional capacity.

The goals of the Department of History are to assist and enable the student to:

  1. Graduates will have knowledge of Western history focused on North America and Western Europe.
  2. Graduates will have knowledge of non-Western history focused on areas outside of North America and Western Europe or peoples outside of the dominant civilization of either.

  3. Graduates will understand and be able to use historical methods, with an emphasis on the analysis of primary sources

  4. Graduates will understand and be able to use historical methods, with an emphasis on the analysis of secondary sources

  5. Graduates will understand the dynamics of continuity and change over time.

  6. Graduates will be able to build historical arguments and narratives.

Majors and Minors

Benedictine College offers both a major and minor in History.

History Courses


In addition to training for a career as a professional historian, emphasis on research, writing and oral communication and an understanding of humanity's past prepares history majors for multiple careers.

Campus Organizations and Activities

  • History Club
  • Phi Alpha Theta


Dr. John F. Romano, Professor and Chair - Ancient/Medieval History

Dr. Richard Francis Crane, Professor - Early Modern/Modern European History

Fr. Marion Charboneau, OSB - Adjunct

Dr. Hinzman, Visiting Assistant Professor 

Dr. Trainor, Visiting Assistant Professor

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Dr. John F. Romano.