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Programs of Distinction

The Programs of Distinction at Benedictine College are comprised of high-achieving scholars seeking greatness in their fields and beyond. Each program has a specific focus, but the same universal purpose: to provide additional academic avenues of growth and formation to exceptional students.

Programs of Distinction Brochure

Presidential Scholars

Each year we offer 15 special scholarships to our Presidential Scholars and Dean’s Scholars. About Presidential Scholars

The Honors Program

Our Honors curriculum offers a unique educational experience to qualifying students. About the Honors Program

The Gregorian Fellows Leadership Program

This program uses enduring principles of leadership to give students skills for today’s world. About the Gregorian Fellows

Dr. Wangari Maathai STEM Fellows

The STEM Fellows program provides unique opportunities for the professional development of talented students majoring in STEM fields. About the STEM Fellows

The Constitutional Fellows

This program is offered through the Center for Constitutional Liberty. The Center's mission is to renew and advance understanding of the founding principles of the United States of America so that our nation’s unique experiment in self-government will inspire, inform and direct new generations of Americans. About the Constitutional Fellows

Other notable academic areas