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Department of English

Department Mission: within a robustly Catholic liberal arts college, the English Department guides students toward a greater understanding of themselves, others, and the world through the wisdom of excellent writing. Intensive reading and writing, critical evaluation of ideas and arguments, and engagement in scholarly communities prepare our students for careers that require superior writing, reading, speaking, and thinking skills.

Heather Hineline ’18
My English classes at Benedictine College have challenged me to grow in writing and engaging with literature. From learning to become a better poet in my creative writing class through… Continue

Erica Starr ’18
The English classes at Benedictine College have taught me not only about literature, but also history, philosophy, and other subjects, and how they tie together. My communication skills have also… Continue

Hannah Voss ’18
My experience with the English department at Benedictine College has been one of excellent professors individually invested in the needs of their students. I've been challenged to explore my own ideas as well as… Continue

Noah Sattler ’18
Though I'm barely half a semester into law school, I've found my English background priceless in giving me a basis to further my education, especially as regards what I learned in… Continue​