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BCYC Leadership

Discover how Catholic Leadership Principles can transform your community.

Next Session Date: June 12-17, 2022

Come discover how Catholic leadership principles can transform the way you lead at school, at your Parish, and in the community. Teens will leave BCYC Leadership prepared to become successful leaders in every part of their life, while prioritizing their Catholic faith.

BCYC Leadership is a Catholic youth conference for teens who are, or want to be, leaders in their schools, Parishes and communities. Teens choose a leadership area that they want to focus on and will be trained in Catholic leadership principles and practices related to that area.

In addition to their leadership training courses, students will engage in small group Bible Studies, Mass and prayers with the Monks of St. Benedict’s Abbey. Plus there fun at evening activities that include capture the flag, small group Olympics, and an evening dance, all on Benedictine’s beautiful campus in Atchison, Kansas. See available tracks below!

Registration Fee: $625.00Scholarships are available. Learn more and apply for a scholarship.

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A student reads the Bible outdoors

BCYC participants using a water balloon launcher

A student at BCYC Immersion

A BCYC participant holds a large inflated ball during a game

Tracks for Summer 2022

Athletic Leadership

Business Leadership

Leadership in the New Evangelization

Political Leadership

Principles of Catholic Leadership

Pro-life Leadership

Parents - What to Expect at BCYC Leadership

We know that, as a parent, you are the primary educator and nurturer of your child.

Our Summer Conferences are transformative; they make a difference. We want your teen’s life to be transformed in Christ. The parents of our participants notice many benefits of our conferences for their teens including:

  • Developing a sense of God in their daily life- Integrating prayer into their daily lives
  • More positive self-image
  • Greater sense of direction and purpose
  • More interest in their faith-life
  • Forming genuine friendships based on a common love of Christ

Your child will be under the care and guidance of our trained summer staff. This includes our Director of Youth Outreach, Chaplain, and a team of Benedictine College students who spend their summer on mission for our Lord. We want you to know that your child is in the best possible hands, and we know it is our duty and privilege to guide your teen as an individual this summer.

Safety and Supervision

Benedictine College’s campus is very safe. We are familiar with hosting teens on our campus through our many faith and sport-based conferences, and strive to make our campus a welcoming, safe community for all of our visitors. Every aspect of the campus in the summers is thought of with the visitor in mind specifically:

  • Our dorms are single sex. Men aren’t allowed in the women’s dorms and vice versa during the summer months. No one other than our Conferencing Staff, Summer Missionaries, and other authorized members of the college will be in the dorms during your teen’s stay.
  • Summer Missionaries stay in the residence Halls and serving as resident advisors.
  • All of our Summer Ministry Staff are Virtus trained and are up to date with the Archdiocese of Kansas City Kansas’ regulations on Safe Environment training for the protection of God’s children program.
  • Campus Security, Atchison Police, and the Atchison Fire Department all serve the campus community.