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English - Student & Alumni Testimonials

“My English classes at Benedictine College have challenged me to grow in writing and engaging with literature. From learning to become a better poet in my creative writing class through a rigorous course to reading amazing works of literature in many of my upper level classes, I've appreciated every class I've taken in the department.”— Heather Hineline ’18

“The English classes at Benedictine College have taught me not only about literature, but also history, philosophy, and other subjects, and how they tie together. My communication skills have also been strengthened considerably.”— Erica Starr ’18

“My experience with the English department at Benedictine College has been one of excellent professors individually invested in the  needs of their students. I've been challenged to explore my own ideas as well as those presented to me in new ways and across multiple fields and specializations, from Old English linguistics to postcolonial semiotic analysis. My professors have encouraged me to pursue my academic interests and have given me opportunities and support to carry those interests to fruition. The English department is stellar among the departments at Benedictine, and the environment for academic and personal development is like no other.​”— Hannah Voss ’18, Rhodes Scholar Finalist

Thanks from an Alumnus

Noah Sattler ’18 wrote a letter to Dr. Michael Stigman thanking him and the Department for the excellent formation he received. Read the letter