English - Letter from Alumnus Noah Sattler | Benedictine College

Thanks from an English Alumnus

This letter was sent to Dr. Michael Stigman on October 13, 2018 from Noah Sattler, English major Class of 2018.

Hi Dr. Stigman,

I hope your semester has been going well! I thought I'd send a brief note of thanks regarding your instruction and feedback over the last 3 years at Benedictine. Though I'm barely half a semester into law school, I've found my English background priceless in giving me a basis to further my education, especially as regards what I learned in Senior Seminar last spring.

I've been pleased to notice how the narrative of a court's opinion portrays a story that supports the court's ultimate holding, sometimes giving subtle bias that supports the court's interpretation and conclusion. This is especially evident in controversial cases where a judge dissents and relates what seems like a totally different case than the one described in the majority's opinion. I've even noted some use of free indirect style in not only judges' writings, but in persuasive documents made by litigators to sway a jury decision. At a much more basic level, it's always fascinating to see what details are and are not emphasized in any statement by judges or lawyers, and it often reminds me of conspicuous absence from World Literature II along with Woods' notion that there are no irrelevant details in fiction.

In any case, I want to extend my appreciation for your heavy influence at Benedictine. I know that I am privileged to have received an intense background education that many of my peers lack, and I attribute much of my current aptitude for school to your dedicated instruction and in-depth feedback. I look back on the class discussions fondly, and I treasure the lessons learned!

I hope you are enjoying autumn in Atchison!

Noah Sattler

J.D. Candidate, University of Minnesota Law School Class of 2021