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The Honors Program

Honors scholars receive a challenging education that academically distinguishes them and is recognized at commencement. Highlights include the Honors Retreat, Curriculum and Experiential Component.

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About the Program

The Honors Program rests upon the four pillars of Benedictine College to offer a unique education to exceptionally talented and motivated students. The Program is designed to engage the passions of scholars in and outside the classroom. During their time at Benedictine, scholars dive into Honors-specific coursework, drawing from great Western thinkers and classic literature. They will also get the chance to explore further areas of study through upper-level coursework. Their time in the program will culminate with a Senior Capstone course and Final Project on a topic in their field of study, using a $2000 stipend. This rigorous formation distinguishes them from their peers and is recognized at commencement.

Outside the classroom, scholars enjoy a thriving community life. Throughout the year, they will get together to participate in talks and discussions given by professors and renowned guest speakers, as well as larger activities like trips to museums and the symphony. Scholars also get together frequently to participate in game nights and play on intramural sports teams.


Students accepted into the Honors Program can expect:

  • Formation through a Great Books based curriculum and a cohort of professors from a variety of departments;
  • Benefiting from monthly talks, discussions, and presentations;
  • Participation in a growing community of young intellectuals; and
  • Completion of a project with a $2000 stipend that will launch them to succeed in careers and other educational opportunities

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