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The Angelico Fellows Program

Sponsored by the Center for Beauty and Culture, Angelico Fellows learn to renew and advance the Catholic understanding of Beauty as the inspirational power of the Truth, and culture as the bearer of that Truth to others. Named for the priest-painter Blessed Fra Angelico, fellows are given the tools to become leaders in the Catholic renewal of the arts and civilization.

Program Highlights

  • Seminar: Fellows complete a semester-long integrating seminar focused on the Catholic vision of Beauty and the understanding of the artists as imitator of God the Creator.
  • Service Projects: Since Beauty inspires hope, fellows participate in service projects intended to increase the beauty of the Benedictine Campus and City of Atchison.
  • Distinguished Speaker Series: Fellows attend and participate in on-campus lectures and workshops which integrate theory and practice: the intellectual riches of the Catholic faith meet the mastery of craft.
  • Prize for Excellence in the Theology of Beauty and Culture: The Center sponsors an international prize recognizing excellence in Catholic thought and practice in reestablishing the arts and culture as a revelation of God’s mind and the salvific mission of Jesus Christ.
  • Media: The Center co-produces the award-winning “Liturgy Guys” podcast, which brings to an international audience greater understanding of Catholic worship and its role in the formation of culture. It also produces videos on beauty and culture to extend the Center’s mission to transform culture in America.

Program Benefits

  • Interdisciplinary Cooperation: Students learn the value of Beauty and Culture together with students from many disciplines, establishing a theological foundation enriched by diverse academic insights.
  • Grant: Angelico Fellows receive a $2,000 grant for educational or internship purposes.
  • Cultural Immersion Opportunities: Fellows visit significant cultural events and sites to enrich their academic studies with first-hand experience.
  • Access to Speakers: The Center for Beauty and Culture sponsors speakers for the entire Benedictine community. Angelico Fellows have the opportunity to meet those speakers personally in a more intimate setting.
  • Special Recognition: A Certificate of Completion is awarded at the Fellow’s graduation.

Join the Fellows

Eligibility Requirements

The Angelico Fellows invite the following groups of admitted students to apply:

  1. STANDARD: Students who demonstrate a minimum high school GPA of a 3.5 and minimum 27 ACT, 1260 SAT, or 87 CLT.
  2. TEST-OPTIONAL: Test-optional applicants who submit a high school transcript showing a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  3. SLIDING SCALE: Students whose individual combination of GPA and test score merits eligibility consideration based on a sliding scale.
  4. Students who do not meet the academic requirements may be considered for acceptance on the strength of their application essays.


Submit online application and required essay by December 15 for acceptance the following fall.

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Dr. Denis McNamara

Dr. Denis McNamara
Executive Director of the Center for Beauty and Culture