Student Nurses Association - Department of Nursing

The purpose of the Benedictine College Student Nurses Association is to promote the professionalism of the student nurse through contributing to nursing education, aiding in the development of the whole person, and promoting awareness of global health.  Membership consists of any student actively enrolled in the Benedictine College nursing program.  The association meets monthly. 

The Association promotes a Skin Cancer Awareness event by handing out sunscreen and sunglasses at a home football game to raise awareness for skin cancer and provide education on how to prevent skin cancer on a daily basis. 

They volunteer at the Atchison Community Health Center doing yard work, carpet cleaning, room sanitizing, dusting, and other cleaning necessities.

They hold an annual Bone Marrow Drive encouraging people to be tested in order to be placed on a registry for potential bone marrow donation in the future.

The Association also supports a yearly blood drive. 

Officers for the 2022-2023 Academic Year:

  • President - Grace Flynn
  • Treasurer - Katie Miller
  • Senior Events Coordinator- Brooke Schuberg 
  • Junior Events Coordinator - 
  • Senior General Representative - Anna Drapeau
  • Junior General Representative -