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Health, Wellness, and Exercise Science - Student Organizations

Raven Strength and Conditioning Club

The Raven Strength and Conditioning Club shall provide strength and conditioning services designed to enhance athletic performance and decrease probability of injury for all Benedictine College students, club sport athletes, student-athletes, and those in the community.  It is our goal to provide the means for these students to train consistently, sensibly, and systematically in a safe, clean, and professional environments. 

In addition, it is our mission to contribute to the strength and conditioning field by providing our club members with opportunities to enhance their knowledge and connect with others in the strength and conditioning field.  This can be accomplished by participating in strength and conditioning activities outside the Benedictine College campus through attendance at seminars, clinics, and competitive events.

Athletic Training Club

The Athletic Training Club will focus on preparing students who are interested in Athletic Training as a profession. We will help prepare them to take the BOC exam to become a certified athletic trainer. We will encourage students to apply to become a member of the NATA and focus on improving essential networking skills needed for graduate schooling and future employment.