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Theatre Arts

Bachelor of Arts, Department of Theatre and Dance

Two students perform a scene in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

Department Overview

The Department of Theatre & Dance is dedicated to creating “total theatre-makers”. We believe that the performing arts provide the indispensable social functions of Entertainment, Enlightenment, and Education. For the theatre artist, performing arts teaches practical skills including collaboration, creative problem solving, communicative clarity, organizational prowess, ethics, and time management skills, just to name a few. We are artists, but we are also engaged in the practical application of an entertainment business. To that end, students will learn, both in the classroom and in the theatre “laboratory”, every aspect of theatre production. We believe that the performing arts can provide life-affirming experiences for both the practitioner and the consumer, and reveal truths about the human experience in a dynamic way.

Degree Objectives

  • Foster academic excellence through development of programs that meet  national standards
  • Enhance the cultural and aesthetic experience of our campus, community and region through quality productions, leadership, and service learning.
  • Embrace a standard of artistic excellence, which is enhanced by aggressive pursuit of summer internships and other professional development opportunities.
  • Prepare students for successful transfer to graduate or conservatory programs or to pursue professional careers in the theatre and dance performance, theatre and dance education, or allied fields.


Scott L. Cox, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor & Chair
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St. Benedict Hall

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  • Elizabeth Bettendorf Bowman
    Adjunct Instructor
  • Anita Buhman-Wiggs
    Costume Studio Manager and Instructor
  • Megan Chiles
    Adjunct Instructor
  • Scott L. Cox, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor & Department Chair
  • Derek Trautwein
    Instructor, Technical Director

Freshmen Year

THTR-1110Production Arts1
THTR-1800Script Analysis3
ENGL-1010English Composition3
GNST-1000BC Experience1
THEO-1100Intro to Theology3
Foreign Language4
THTR-1120Production Arts1
THTR-1150Fundamentals of Acting3
THTR-2210Stage Makeup3
PHIL-1750Principles of Nature3
Person and Community Foundation3
EXSC-1115Wellness for Life1
Foreign Language4

Sophomore Year

THTR-2110Production Arts1
THTR-2250Movement for the Performing Artist3
Theatre History & Literature (1)3
Philosophical Inquiry3
Mathematical Reasoning Foundation3
Aesthetic Experience3
THTR-2120Production Arts1
THTR-2150Techniques of Acting Theatre3
Theatre History & Literature (2)3
Understanding the Natural World4
Faith Foundation3
EXSCFitness course1

Junior Year

THTR-3110Production Arts1
THTR-3150Advanced Acting Styles3
Theatre History & Literature (3)3
Theatre Design Course3
Theatre Elective (Stage Combat)3
Faith Foundation3
THTR-3120Production Arts1
Theatre Design Course3
THTR-2240Voice & Diction3
Theatre Elective (Playwriting)3
Global Perspective3
Philosophical Inquiry3

Senior Year

THTR-4150Play Direction3
Theatre Elective (Special Topic)3
Understanding the Natural World3–4
THTR-COMPComprehensive Exam, orcr
THTR-4950Senior Creative Project3


Other Department Offerings

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts Management
  • Minor in Theatre Arts