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Music Education

Bachelor of Arts, Department of Music

Dr. Christopher Greco teaches music at the blackboard

Department Overview

The Benedictine College Music Department strives to present opportunities for students that meet the artistic, creative, and scholarly demands of those who intend to pursue teaching, performance, or other careers in music. The Department enhances the cultural activities of the college and serves the student body with offerings in applied music and with vocal and instrumental ensembles.

Degree Objectives

  • Provide students with educational opportunities, performance experiences, and expectation of standards on a national level to prepare them for entrance into study on the graduate level and/or preparation for a professional career in music.
  • Provide professional training for those students desiring to teach PreK–12 general music through the Bachelor of Music Education degree program.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to perform in ensembles, participate in music courses and applied music, and attend musical events for their cultural development.

Career Opportunities

  • Vocal Music Teacher
  • Instrumental Music Teacher
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Church Music Director


John F. Paul, D.M.A.
Department Chair
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Bishop Fink Hall

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  • Christopher Greco, D.M.A.
  • Ted Hanman
    Assistant Professor
  • Ruth Krusemark, D.M.A.
    Professor Emerita
  • John Paul, D.M.
    Professor and Chair
  • Timothy Tharaldson
    Assistant Professor

Freshman Year

MUSC-1000Fundamentals of Music & Aural Skills2
MUSC-1003Functional Keyboard I1
THEO-1100Introduction to Theology3
Applied Music2
MUSC-1005Class Voice2
Major Ensemble1
MUSC-ATT1Concert AttendanceP/NP
GNST-1000BC Experience1
EDUC-2200Introduction to Education2
EDUC-2201Introduction to Ed Field Exp1
ENGL-1010English Composition3
MUSC-1001Music Theory/Aural Skills I3
MUSC-1004Functional Keyboard II1
MUSC-1101World Music Literature3
MUSC-1201Woodwind Methods2
MUSC-1350Opera Workshop1
Major Ensemble1
MUSC-ATT2Concert AttendanceP/NP
HIST-1100 or HIST-1101World Civ3
MATH-1220Introductory Statistics4
Applied Music2

Sophomore Year

MUSC-1002Music Theory/Aural Skills II3
PYSC-1000General Psychology3
Faith Foundation3
Applied Music2
Major Ensemble1
MUSC-ATT3Concert AttendanceP/NP
EXSC-1115Wellness for Life1
EDUC-2220Psych Ed Development3
SOCI-2300World Regional Geography3
MUSC-2000Music Theory/Aural Skills III3
MUSC-2200Vocal Communication/Tech2
Understanding the Natural World4
EDUC-2222Psych of Indiv With Excep3
Applied Music2
Major Ensemble1
MUSC-ATT4Concert AttendanceP/NP
Chamber Ensemble1
MUSC-1200Stringed Instruments2
Secondary Ensemble1

Junior Year

Approved Fitness Course1
MUSC-3201Introduction to Conducting1
MUSC-1202Brass & Percussion2
EDUC-3312School as Community3
EDUC-3313School as Comm/Field Ex1
MUSC-3000Music Theory & Analysis IV3
PHIL-1750Principles of Nature3
Applied Music2
Major Ensemble1
MUSC-ATT5Concert AttendanceP/NP
MUSC-4100History of Music3
Applied Music2
MUSC-4200Instrumental Conducting1
Secondary Ensemble1
EDUC-4451Philosophy of Education3
EDUC-3332Teach Reading/Content Area2
MUSC-PIAPRPiano ProficiencyP/NP
Major Ensemble1
MUSC-ATT6Concert Attendancecr
MUSC-3997Junior Recital (optional)cr
Philosophical Inquiry3

Senior Year

MUSC-4101History of Music II3
MUSC-3200K–12 Music Methods3
EDUC-3357General Sec Methods & Media (Music Ed majors do not take EDUC-3358)3
Applied Music2
Major Ensemble1
MUSC-4997Senior Recital1
MUSC-COMPSenior Comprehensivecr
Secondary Ensemble1
Chamber Ensemble1
Faith Foundation3
MUSC-4201Choral Conducting1
EDUC-4455Differentiated Instruction3
EDUC-4462Classroom Management2
EDUC-4470Student Teaching Seminar1
EDUC-4492Supervised Stud Teach/Elem5
EDUC-4496Supervised Stud Teach/Sec5
EDUC-CNTXCore Content Area Examcr
EDUC-COMPSenior Comprehensivecr
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