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Computer Science

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

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Department Overview

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department at Benedictine College is committed to maintaining a curriculum that provides students with the necessary tools to enter a career in their field with a broad, solid knowledge of mathematics or computer science. Our students are provided with the knowledge, analytical, and problem solving skills necessary to function as mathematicians or computer scientists in our world today.

Degree Objectives

  • The major prepares students for graduate study in the field of computer science or for employment in an ever-expanding spectrum of occupations dependent upon computing.
  • Our graduates obtain jobs in computer programming or software engineering.
  • A Computer Science minor provides a useful addition to many areas of study, including mathematics, science, business, and mass communications.

Related Careers*

  • Teaching
  • Actuarial Science
  • Software Development
  • Operations Research
  • Cryptography
  • Finance
  • Data Science
  • Physical Sciences

* More on the department website.


Eric West, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor & Chair
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Westerman Hall

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  • Don Bagert, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor
  • Angela Broaddus, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor
  • Nickolas Hein, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor
  • Heidi Hulsizer, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor
  • Nicolaas tenBroek
    Associate Professor
  • Eric West, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor & Department Chair

Freshman Year

CSCI-1010Comp Sci Fund (suggested)3
Natural World Foundation (with lab)4
Foreign Language4
ENGL-1010English Composition3
EXSC-1115Wellness for Life1
EXSCFitness course1
GNST-1000BC Experience1
CSCI-1050Web Programming (option)3
MATH-1220Introductory Statistics4
THEO-1100Introduction to Theology3
Foreign Language4
PHIL-1750Principles of Nature3

Sophomore Year

CSCI-1140Intro to Computer Science I4
MATH-2550Discrete Math. Structures I3
Historical Foundation3
Philosophical Inquiry Foundation3
Natural World Foundation4
CSCI-2150Intro to Computer Science II4
CSCI-2560Discrete Math. Structures II3
Aesthetic Foundation3
Faith Foundation3
Historical Inquiry Foundation3

Junior Year

CSCI-3100Database Systems4
CSCI-3570 or CSCI-3600Theory of Automata or Concepts of Prog. Lang.3-4
Aesthetic Foundation3
Faith Foundation3
CSCI-3500Algorithm Design & Analysis 4
MATH-3400 or –Cryptography or Philosophical Inquiry Foundation3
Person and Community Foundation Elective3

Senior Year

CSCI-3570 or CSCI-3600Theory of Automata or Concepts of Prog. Lang.3-4
CSCI-4200Computer Architecture4
CSCI-4920Software Engineering3
CSCI-4400Op. Systems & Network4
CSCI-4930Senior Capstone2
MATH-3400 or Cryptography or Philosophical Inquiry Foundation3
CSCI-COMPSenior Comprehensivecr

Other Department Offerings

  • Minor in Computer Science
  • Major in Mathematics
  • Minor in Mathematics