Memorare Army Pandemic Prayer Campaign

Benedictine Launches Memorare Army Pandemic Prayer Campaign

Mary's Grotto“Please pray 10 Memorares a day, each day for 10 days, for relief from the coronavirus crisis.”

President Stephen D. Minnis of Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, made that request at the end of an online town hall answering questions and delivering instructions for students and their families in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

“Pray for an end to this crisis, for those suffering from the virus and those affected by it, and for the college — for our students and their families, and the entire Benedictine College community,” he said.

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He also promised to light a candle for students in Mary’s Grotto each day until students return.

Mother Teresa, who visited Atchison’s Benedictines in 1981, started the first Memorare Army in Calcutta, India, gathering pledges for 85,000 Memorares to raise needed funds for a new building.

President Minnis has started several Memorare Army campaigns in the past, including one for Westerman Hall, which was dedicated this year as America’s finest small-college science building. Additionally, at Archbishop Joseph Naumann’s request, the college started a Memorare Army for Religious Liberty that gathered millions of prayers for religious freedom.

“We have used Memorare Armies often with incredible results here at Benedictine, a school chosen by Our Lady,” said Minnis. “I don't have to tell you that Mary's intercession is powerful, so please join us.”

“Remember through all of this, Ravens Will Rise,” he concluded, “So let's end our discussion with a Memorare.”

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