Novena to Our Lady of Monte Cassino | Benedictine College

Novena to Our Lady of Monte Cassino

Please join us in praying a Novena to Our Lady of Monte Cassino beginning January 5 and ending on January 13—the first day of the spring semester at Benedictine College.

On the final day of this Novena, Wednesday, January 13, 2021, the Novena will be prayed following the 7:30 a.m. Rosary in Guadalupe Chapel in the lower level of St. Benedict's Abbey Church. The Novena will also be prayed at the end of certain on-campus Masses that day. The Novena prayer will be provided to all attending.

If you wish to sign up to pray the Novena, we will send you email reminders for each of the nine days. Sign Up for Reminders

The Novena Prayer:

Dearest Mother Mary, attracted to you by your goodness, sympathy and motherliness, and also because of my needs, I come before you today. I love you, dearest Mother, and I pray that I may learn to love you more and more. I ask you to keep me always under your protection, and to help me in all my needs, especially for an end to the pandemic and the safety of the Benedictine College community. Also, obtain for each one of us through your powerful intercession with Jesus, your Son, all the graces we need to lead good lives and follow His teachings, especially His command to love one another. Amen.

Our Lady of Monte Cassino, pray for us
St. Benedict, pray for us
St. Meinrad, pray for us

This devotion began in the 19th Century at St. Meinrad’s Seminary in Indiana. There was a smallpox outbreak at the seminary in late 1871. The students there decided to pray a Novena to Our Lady of Monte Cassino beginning on January 5, 1872, and ending on January 13. The disease stopped spreading on the first day of the novena and no one died from smallpox. This novena was repeated during the Spanish Influenza and again no deaths occurred at St. Meinrad’s from the Spanish Flu.

Blessed Virgin Mary