Message on September 9, 2021 | Benedictine College

Message from the President

Sent to faculty, staff and students on Thursday, September 9, 2021

Dear Raven Family –

If we thought the pandemic was over, we were wrong. Cases and concerns are rising on campus, and I wanted to ask you to join me in doing more to “Protect the Flock” in the weeks ahead.

As I said at the Convocation, this pandemic attacks our mission by making community, faith and scholarship harder. But the reverse is also true: Our mission can be a powerful force against COVID. Because Ravens care about those in community, because we have a strong faith, and because scholarship is so important, we are asking you to take extra care and be even more understanding to those at risk.

The college, for its part, will do the following:

  • Benedictine College will be setting up tents and inviting as many students as possible to enjoy meals outside.
  • It is best to return to your family home if you test positive and must isolate. But for those who cannot get home, the College will once again pay for isolation in hotels for positive cases and reimburse those who have paid already. Protecting the Flock, not cost, should be foremost in each of our minds.
  • Last, Benedictine College is ordering N95 masks, offering the maximum protection from the virus, and making them available to faculty, staff or students who want them.

For your part, we ask that students:

  • When in doubt, stay home in your residence hall, campus house or local rental, and make arrangements with professors to address course work.
  • Do as many activities outside, instead of inside, as you can.
  • Respect the advice of our nurses, who know very well the difficulties students face and want to protect as many as possible from getting the virus.
  • Respect those who wear masks and respect the wishes of those who ask you to wear a mask in their classrooms, offices, or rooms.

Thank you for your cooperation. We all wish the pandemic would be over, but it is not. We have to protect in-person classes and keep life on campus as normal as possible.

Forward. Always Forward.

Stephen D. Minnis

Benedictine College