Returning for Fall 2021 | Benedictine College

Returning for Fall 2021

Sent to current students and their parents on July 1, 2021

Hello Ravens!

Benedictine College is excited for a return to normalcy as we move through the pandemic and start to open as we usually would, without having to worry about masks and social distancing. This fall, there will be no expectation of COVID-19 testing prior to arrival, and we will not require the COVID vaccine. The vaccines have been shown to be very good at stopping the virus, so the College encourages everyone to talk with their medical provider for advice and make their own personal decision.

Keep in mind, though, that there are variants making their way into the country and COVID-19 may still be with us this fall. While we anticipate very low numbers, anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 will still have to isolate and whether a person is vaccinated or not will determine if they will have to quarantine if exposed. If exposed, you will need to be able to verify if you have been vaccinated, so be sure to bring your official vaccination card with you (or a good copy of it).

Following CDC and Atchison County guidelines, here are the issues you need to be aware of when dealing with COVID-19 and vaccinations this fall:

Fully Vaccinated

  • No quarantine required if exposed to COVID-19 (unless you have symptoms)


  • Testing required if symptomatic
  • If positive, isolation required for 10 days from onset of symptoms
  • Quarantine required if exposed to COVID-19
  • Since vaccination is an alternative, the college will not pay for isolation (hotel and transportation). Each individual student will have to pay these expenses when in isolation.
  • There will be no remote learning in the fall, so students will have to go to the Student Health Center and have them make the appropriate contacts so professors are informed of their situation. Students will have to arrange to keep up with their academics while isolated or quarantined.

Remember, student athletes may need to do testing or regular symptom checks if the NAIA or Heart of America Athletic Conference require such steps. Those regulating entities have not yet determined their protocols for the fall.

As always, our goal is to “Protect the Flock” and we will be prepared as we were last year. COVID-19 tests will be available in the Student Health Center. Remember, if you feel ill, please stay home. Also, you can always wear a mask in any situation if it makes you feel more comfortable.

If you have any questions, contact the Student Health Center at 913-360-7117. The staff will be available following the Independence Day holiday.

We look forward to seeing everyone in the fall for move-in and the start of the semester!