English as a Second Language Pathway Program | Benedictine College

English as a Second Language Pathway Program

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Pathway Program prepares students for academic demands of university classes and offers English language support throughout the students’ attendance at Benedictine College. The ESL Pathway Program offers only college-level courses for credit toward a bachelor’s degree that satisfy regular requirements of the undergraduate curriculum of the college.

Admission Requirements

International students who apply to Benedictine College, but do not meet the English proficiency requirements, may begin their studies in the ESL Pathway Program.

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 on 4.0 scale
  • TOEFL or comparative instrument; Minimum TOEFL score of 450 paper-based, 45 internet-based
  • A minimum of 4.0 IELTS

Applicants without a standardized test score, but demonstrate a certain level of English proficiency in their application will be required to complete an interview with the international admission counselor.

Students accepted into the ESL Pathway Program will be required to take an English language assessment exam during orientation. The results of the exam will clarify if adjustments to the student’s schedule need to be made. Students cannot test out of the ESL Pathway Program and will need to complete the advanced courses with a 3.0 GPA and/or must demonstrate proficiency in the four language skills areas; reading comprehension, writing, speaking, and listening.

ESL Pathway Program I-20

Students admitted into the ESL Pathway Program will still be required to show proof of financial support for cost of attendance and submit the enrollment fee before receiving an I-20 from Benedictine College. ESL Pathway Program I-20s will be for a length of 1 to 3 semesters depending on the level of English proficiency of the student. During the final semester of the program, students will apply for a change in education level and receive a new I-20 for the duration of their degree program.

Course Schedules

Students in the ESL Pathway Program will at no point take ALL ESL courses or ALL non-ESL courses. Students will take a combination of ESL and non-ESL courses simultaneously. Here are examples of course schedules dependent upon students’ level of English proficiency:

Elementary – Intermediate Level

Fall Semester Spring Semester 
Total Credits16Total Credits17
GNST1000, BC ExperienceCreditESLG20404
ESLG1050 or ESLG10554ESLG20503
Additional Elementary-level course4ESLG10101
ESLG10903Major Course3
EXSC1115, Wellness for Life1Major Course3
Fitness Activity Course1Foundation Course3
One Course of Planned Major3

Intermediate Level

Total Credits17Total Credits16
Fall Semester Spring Semester* 
ESLG1050 or ESLG10554ESLG20703
Add’l Intermediate-level course3Natural World Foundation4
Major Course3Major Course3
Major or Foundation Course3Major Course3

* Spring semester transition out of Pathway Program, receive new I-20

Advanced Level: Regular Admission

Total Credits15-16Total Credits15-16
Fall SemesterSpring Semester
Foundation Course3-4TH1100, Introduction to Theology3
Skills/Perspective Course3Foundation Course3-4
Major Course3Major Course3
Major Course3Major Course3

* ESLG2220 & ESLG2930 satisfy Foreign Language requirements, and fulfill General Education requirements for Written and Oral Perspectives.

See course descriptions in Course Catalog.