Transforming Culture in America - Strategic Plan | Benedictine College

Transforming Culture in America

Transforming Culture in America

“We had spent 10 years with the goal of building one of the great Catholic colleges in America and had made huge gains. So we started asking the question: Why? What can a great Catholic college do?”

- President Stephen D. Minnis

On September 8, 2021, Benedictine College announced our new strategic plan, Transforming Culture in America.

A student prays during Eucharistic Adoration

A student works with a paintbrush in class

Transforming Culture in America

Benedictine College has been one of the great success stories in higher education. During the 21st century, the college has:

  • Doubled its enrollment setting annual enrollment records;
  • Opened six new academic buildings and 10 new residence halls;
  • Become a top college ranked by U.S. News and the Wall Street Journal.
  • Added majors in Architecture, Engineering, Nursing and more.

A student converses with President Minnis and another man

A student works with electronics in class

In 2018 we asked, “What do we owe back for our success?” and began a process that asked dozens of industry and community leaders what we could do.

We hope you will look through these materials and see the care and thought that went into a plan for students to be formed in community, faith and scholarship; alumni to advance the mission in important professions; and to extend the college’s mission in the world.

Forward, Always Forward,

Stephen D. Minnis
Benedictine College President