Heroes of St. Martin's

Heroes of St. Martin's

The Heroes of St. Martin’s

In 1951, just six years after the end of World War II, St. Benedict’s College, now Benedictine College, built a new residence hall on its Atchison campus. St. Martin's Memorial Hall would house 90 young men at what was then an all-male school. The hall’s name honored the patron saint of soldiers, and each of the 50 rooms honored a Raven who had fallen in the war.

Today, the college is coed and St. Martin’s Memorial Hall now houses 90 freshmen women. The names on each door are still there, though, remembering those brave alumni who gave the last full measure in defense of freedom around the world.

These young men served in the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army Air Corps and the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps. They served in military action across Europe and throughout the Pacific. Some had already graduated and had careers and families, and some left college to enlist, still teenagers. It is proper that we honor these heroic men and Benedictine College is proud to offer pictures and biographical information pulled from the college’s yearbooks and school newspaper.

Use the links below to see pictures of each of these men, read what they were studying in college, and learn about their service and sacrifice for the greater good. The names are alphebetical by floor. (As research continues, we will add more information and photographs to this site.)

St. Martin's Memorial Hall - 1st Floor

Second Lieutenant Theodore Bartle
Room 108
Ensign James Barr
Room 100
Private Donald Borders
Room 105
Sergeant Jeremiah Brosnan
Room 107
Ensign Allen Cannell
Room 109
Captain John Charters
Room 110
Staff Sergeant Roger Collins
Room 112
Technician 5th Grade Emmett Daly, Jr.
Room 114
Corporal Albert Deposki
Room 116
Staff Sergeant Robert DeWolf
Room 118
First Lieutenant Daniel Goodwin
Room 111
Private First Class Francis Neumann
Room 103
Rev. Leo Rechsteiner, OSB
Room 101
Private Harold Rohleder
Room 102
First Lieutenant Firman Susank
Room 104
Rev. Joseph Vanderheiden, OSB
Room 106

St. Martin's Memorial Hall - 2nd Floor

Second Lieutenant Philip Beisner
Room 211
Private Norman Fee
Room 201

Second Lieutenant Robert Froelich
Room 202

Ensign William Frothingham
Room 203

Private First Class Joseph Gassen
Room 204
Second Lieutenant George Grace
Room 206
Lieutenant Jr. Grade William  Hansen
Room 207
First Lieutenant Robert Hogan
Room 208
Second Lieutenant John (Jack) Horton
Room 205
Private Jay Kapple
Room 210
Staff Sergeant Roger Kearney
Room 209
First Lieutenant Robert Koscelnak
Room 212
Private First Class Meldon Masur
Room 216
First Lieutenant Norman Mayse
Room 218
Staff Sergeant Bernard McCudden
Room 214

First Lieutenant William Meehan, Jr.
Room 220
Lieutenant William Merriman, Jr.
Room 222

St. Martin's Memorial Hall - 3rd Floor

Second Lieutenant Carl Brevi
Room 310
Quartermaster 1st Class Everett Burns
Room 311
Cadet John (Jack) Clements
Room 309
Sergeant Joseph Morton, Jr.
Room 301
Private Bernard Murphy
Room 302
First Lieutenant Roy Niemann, Jr.
Room 304
Lieutenant North Oberlin
Room 305
Sergeant Joseph Panepinto
Room 306
Cadet Elroy Parker
Room 307
Cadet Joseph Edward Quigley
Room 308
Ensign Donald Ryan
Room 303
Sergeant George Tinklin
Room 312
Second Lieutenant Raymond Van Sickel
Room 314
Sergeant James Wallace
Room 316
Second Lieutenant Robert Weingart
Room 318
Second Lieutenant Bernard Wheeler
Room 320
Captain Robert Whitehand
Room 322